31 - 03 -2021

With the aim of understanding the current situation of providing clean water to civilian in the Mekong Delta as well as introducing “New technologies for monitoring groundwater sources for domestic water supply, ensuring sustainable exploitation”, the Ministry of Construction, the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association and Department of Science Technology and Environment – Ministry of Construction held a seminar on” Solutions to supply clean water for the Mekong Delta ” in Vinh Long city for 2 days from December 3 to 4, 2020.

  • Time: 03-04/12/2020

  • Location: Vinh Long Province

  • Host of the conference: Leader of the Ministry of Construction

This conference aimed to synthesize the current situation, evaluate and analyze difficulties in providing clean water for people in the Mekong Delta; based on scientific and practical basis to propose feasible solutions to provide clean water, ensure sufficient water, safety and long-term stability for the people of this area.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Vu Ngoc Anh – Director of Department of Environmental Technology (Ministry of Construction), spoke at the conference: “Currently, due to the impact of climate change from the end of 2019 until now, the flow of upstream Mekong river is in short deficiency, the low water level is unable to repel salinity, leading to the early appearance of salinity in the river and deep penetration upstream and the salinity is also higher every year.”

Attending this conference , Mr. Vo Duy Quy, Director of VUCICO, on behalf of the company, was honored to introduce the groundwater level monitoring technologies that VUCICO had been implementing very successfully in recent years. The outstanding technologies at VUCICO include:

– Monitoring system for turbidity, pH and well water salinity comes from ECD (USA)

– Well pump station system from Wellpumps (Belgium), Dorot and ARI (Israel) and ISOIL (Italy)

– System for monitoring underground well water level; Water network monitoring system with PCWIN2 technology; SCADA system from Lacroix Sofrel (France)

– Continer technology for sea water treatment

Mr. Vo Duy Quy, Director of VUCICO, in the middle of his speech about the technologies of monitoring groundwater level at the conference

All technologies are successfully and effectively applied by VUCICO which has been evaluated through a number of typical projects:

Equipment for monitoring pH and well water salinity at VUCICO

Well pumping station system at VUCICO

SCADA system at VUCICO

All technologies at VUCICO are researched in depth and selected from the world’s leading strategic partners such as ECD, BAMO, Lacroix Sofrel, … from the US and Europe.

VUCICO hopes that the technologies and equipment introduced in the conference will contribute a part to the treatment and management of water quality as well as improve and develop the underground water network of the provinces belongs to the Mekong Delta region in particular and the country in general.

Other photos of VUCICO in the conference

Source: Construction Magazine, Decex`mber 4, 2020

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