Detecting leakage point on water supply and drainage pipes of enterprises, organizations and households. Consulting troubleshooting solutions.

  • Amway’s factory is located in Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) II – A, Binh Duong Province, completed in November 2015 with a total area of nearly 55,000 m2. The status of fire system has many points and degradation, causing water leakage.

Category of deployment
  • Review and evaluate the current status of fire protection and pipeline systems.

  • Analysis and identification of tank points, marking to carry out the inspection.

  • Carrying out the leakage detection, locating the suspected areas with tanks on the pipeline.

  • After excavation, pressure drop test, completion and acceptance of the works.

Detecting leaks of Taixin Factory
  • Taixin Printing Vina Factory is located in Tien Son Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh. The water supply system of the plant uses zinc-coated steel pipes, many underground buried. After a period of use, many sections of pipes are blocked, causing water leakage in large volumes

Category of deployment
  • Leak detection for water supply pipe length 500 meters (zinc-coated steel).

  • Definition and location of leakage.

  • Perform excavation work and pinpoint the exact leak location.

  • Consulting construction measures, improving and overcoming the current situation.

Leakage detection of French – Vietnamese Hospital
  • Detect leakage on water supply pipe of French – Vietnamese Hospital (District 7, HCMC). Determining the cause of leakage is due to the pipe fittings are completely rust, causing water leak in the ground.

Category of deployment
  • Review and evaluate the current status of the water supply pipeline.

  • Perform the leak detection, delineation of suspected areas with tanks on the pipeline.

  • Analysis and identification of tank points, marking to carry out digging.

  • Check, after the excavation, check the drop pressure phenomenon, completion and acceptance of works.

Detect the missing pipes, locate the technical infrastructure under the road with advanced radar technology from the USA.

Survey of underground works of Ba Son port
  • Detection of underground works including pipelines, water pipes, underground works and telecommunication in the area of Ba Son Corporation with the area of more than 6000 m2 for design, construction Build high-rise buildings.

Category of deployment
  • Surveying, preparing the site for exploration.

  • Finding, identifying underground works using specialized equipment, using Radar technology from the USA.

  • Analysis and processing survey data diagrams and drawings of the underground works of the survey site.

Detection of underground works in District 1 – District 3 area
  • Detecting and identifying underground structures, pipes lost in urban areas in district 1 – district 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Category of deployment
  • Detection of underground technical infrastructure.

  • Identification of underground pipelines.

  • Identification of lost pipelines.

  • Construction of the current status.

Design, construction, repair of water leakage problems, consulting solutions to prevent water loss, help save money and time of customers.

Detect and repair water leakage of Thermtrol Factory
  • Leakage detection on water supply pipe for Thermtrol Factory, Vietnam – Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Duong. The plant uses a zinc-plated steel water system, with many sections damaged and degraded after years of use. VUCICO performs the detection and identification of leakage points and the replacement of damaged pipes.

Category of deployment
  • Check the pressure drop.

  • Locate the leakage.

  • Consult, schedule the construction troubleshooting.

  • Replacement piping failure and return the site.

Akzonobel Coating Factory
  • Akzonobel Coating Plant in Que Vo Industrial Park, Bac Ninh is completed in 2011. The fire protection system uses zinc-coated steel pipes, about 600m long, 50cm underground. The pipeline system is degraded and causes underground leakage causing the pump to compensate for about 5-7 minutes running automatically once pressure drop.

Category of deployment
  • Leak detection for water supply pipes of 600 meters length (zinc-coated steel).

  • Definition and identification of leakage locations.

  • Perform excavation and accurately determine leakage location public renovation, overcoming the actual state.