14 - 05 -2021

• Time:


• Location:

Tung Thien Vuong – Nguyen Quyen pipeline, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City

• Investor:

Clean water transmission enterprise (WTE) – SAWACO

• Demo product:

Datalogger wireless LS-42 Sofrel (record pressure parameters)

• Challenge:

The installation site was almost constantly flooded and the GSM signal coverage was very weak. Therefore, the data information transmission via GSM / GPRS was subsequently very weak, as well as the signal level.

• Requirements:

Most of the time manholes are completely submerged; have to report daily pressure data, signal level reception and battery consumption; no data loss.

• Customer’s benefits:

– Datalogger LS-42 always transmits all data collected in locations without any failure or loss of information from being installed and moved to the next location.

– Water tightness – SOFREL LS42 is IP-68 certified and is designed to withstand prolonged immersion. The screw design ensures that no water will be able to pass through the screws, the terminals and the two seals are attached together ensuring complete watertight.

– Internal GSM / GPRS antenna with strong signal transmission – Special design can be used in locations with very weak signal level.

• Some photos from the demo:

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