14 - 05 -2021

A leak has been detected at the bell connection of the ductile iron water pipe alongside the bridge. The reason may be due to traffic vibration combined with temperature difference causing the pipe to move away from the bell joint.

Based on the actual images, the lines marking the installation boundary on the pipeline can be clearly seen, although these lines will often not be visible if installed properly. This shows that the pipeline has been displaced.

  • Challenge:

It is necessary to quickly repair the pipeline at this traffic point, avoiding unnecessary processing due to the inconvenient location of the pipeline.

  • Solution:

VUCICO was asked to come up with a solution to help Binh Dinh Water Supply Company fix the problem. The technical team quickly researched and came up with a solution for fitting the mechanical joints to seal the leaky pipe. This solution is very quick, easy to use, and can be installed in the field without machining the cast iron pipes while ensuring watertight. VUCICO’s partners have also been approached on Friday, December 4, 2020 to provide additional support in terms of expertise as well as product specifications to be provided. On December 8, 2020, Binh Dinh Water Supply Company conducted a leak repair with GF Waga’s MJ3007 DN400 couplings together with a compensation mechanism to handle the displacement of the pipeline.

  • Selected Waga coupling used in this project:

Model MJ3007, DN400 of MultiJoint Waga Multi-Function Mechanical Coupling Series, is elastic and leak-proof thanks to a rubber gasket wrapped around the joint. In particular, the joint can be installed at an angle of 8 degrees, suitable for repairing points with slope such as bridge walls.

  • Customer’s benefits:

In less than 1 week, the leaked pipeline location at Nhon Hoi bridge was sealed without machining and repairing construction work.

  • Photos form the repairing process:


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