14 - 05 -2021

Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong, with the emergence of tourist resorts, have had problems with clean water supply in recent time. In addition, climate change also causes erratic rainfall on the island. Rising sea level also causes groundwater of the island to be salty, making fresh water for the island population and tourists become scarce.

Current situation:

  • In 2018, Hai Phong Clean Water Joint Stock Company could provide clean water for the whole district at about 5000 m3/day. However, in the dry season from November to April of the following year, the little rainfall in the reagion is not enough to use, resutling in the shorrtage of clean water for daily uses, especially when the number of tourists coming to the island increases sharply during the Tet holiday season.


  • Meeting the increasing demand from tourist resorts
  • The infrastructure is still underdeveloped, unable to pull the water supply pipe from the mainland
  • The island’s water resources are affected by rainwater and seawater intrusion
  • Cat Ba is an offshore island with difficult to traverse terrain

System requirements:

  • Not affected by the environment in the island
  • Provide clean water continuously and regularly, ensuring quality
  • Capacity can provide all tourists of the Cat Ba Beach Resort luxury resort complex during peak tourist season and dry season.

VUCICO’s solution:

  • NiroBox ™ SW Mega seawater treatment container, capacity of 1500 m3/day, capable of recovering seawater up to 50%.


  • Addressing the water need for Cat Ba tourist island in peak tourist season.

Photos from the projects at Cat Ba island:

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